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A pair of rings represents the eternal love

Le 10 juin 2018, 12:36 dans Lifestyle 0

I want to tell a real story. That year’s spring, Begonia bloom just, an 18-year-old beautiful girl and a meticulous man met under the tree, male, occupation is a grassroots leading cadres, women, is a company’s administration Assistant, in the romantic season they love at first sight. That day, they go shopping in the small commodity store, the man, bought a pair of cartier rings, gave the woman one, he left one, the man thought: they are the happiest pair of the world. The woman also feel very happy, but, longing for a dream, the forces that she can not give her the kind of life she wanted, and he was together, it is necessary to live a frugal life, she is eager to be rich and powerful, can be generous. After countless struggles, she told him to break up, she put him to her cartier ring on the soil of the flower bed buried, as she put him in the heart of the deepest.


The second year, her family to her acquaintance, to find a two in the city house, two cars just a little stuttering 28-year-old man rushed to marry, she does not like him, in front of him She can go to her where she wants to go, she can not go to work, she can be at home when full time wife, he meets him, just , He can not satisfy the desolate mind of an 18-year-old woman’s love. She began to miss every night to send his ring of men, she did not expect that she loved him so deep. That night, she thought he wanted to sleep, she rushed out of the door, terrible in the flower bed to turn the cartier ring copy white gold, but, no matter how to find, she was nothing. This year, how much food she eat, how dressed to wear, she is not happy. She planted a lily in the place where she threw her ring.


The first day, blooming the bud, the next day, half open half open, the third day, spent all open.


That night she decided that she would go to him and find the man who sent him the cartier ring, and she loved him. The world’s most expensive is not money, is true love. At this time, they know the third year, life, can have a few three years worth the wait. She went to him, but fortunately, he was single. She said to him: we are together I do not care if you have no money, I do not care we will be poor days, I just love we can. He looked at her, his eyes full of tears, but this time, for him refused her. He said: I will suffer with the pain, he went away.


This time, she did not give up. She began to chase him, call him, send him a message, give him jokes, give him a gift. He was still indifferent. She wanted him every night, that morning, when she was watering her lily, she saw a silver thing, she took a look, she was looking for a long time three years ago he gave her Bought the cheap cartier love copy ring, she was crazy to sleep all night.


The next day, she found him, gave him the only cheap cartier ring, asked him: If you still love me, if you do not want your life to regret, whether you are willing to give us a chance. He also took out his ring, they hugged tightly together.


Two rings, love the replica cartier ring, they finally found each other. In this era of drunkenness, love is often reduced to prisoners. If I had to choose, I would rather have my life regret, I will not let my love have regret.

Hidden in the cartier yellow gold love copy ring in the promise

Le 10 juin 2018, 12:34 dans Lifestyle 0

You do not understand, I love him. Even if he is useless, as long as I love him, he is light. Who said he was nothing, he is the best person in this world, his sincere, kind. From the moment you fell in love with it, my whole person was surrounded by happiness.


I like you let me east, I like the lambs to give you grass; you let me west, I like the sunset to illuminate your pink clouds; you call me north, I am your winter lily; South, you are my bride in the air. I like you, you are my fruit of the rich, the blood flowing thoughts; you are my dream of warmth; I like you have a sense of proportion, the control of the I like you, like you, from head to toe are happy. I have long wanted to tell you that you are in every page of my life, so you are on every page of my poetry.


Love you, is my survival power; and wait, is my blood flowing in the happiness. I always feel that it is a very happy thing to love you. But I never told you how important you are to me. On the contrary, I hit you, I hurt you, I looked everything for myself. A few days ago read the article, there is such a sentence: I love her, I will hurt; do not love her, I am more painful I am hated by the self-conscious, forced restraint that makes me suffer.


A cartier yellow gold love copy ring, worth a promise, and a frank heart. Accept your cartier ring, my heart told me: my half life belongs to you. Unfortunately, life and love can not be combined, like the body and shadow the same. I can not give you love, I can give you half of the trust. Some things are always in the state of nature, the details of the control will be touched by the details, stubborn people will be a tendon in the end. I am selfish, I can not love you, but have to consume you.


In this world, there will always be a person, let you put down the cautious, let the iceberg quietly melted. I want you to know that I am always with you, no matter where I am. I am in this floating world indulgence I lost for this society I always believe: the end of the past will come soon to come to enjoy the life of all the good or bad heart of love can be a poet, because they are burning The fire of millions of regiments I think I love you more than my ability. It is not fair to you. Promised to hide in the cartier wedding copy rings for men, really should be waiting. Do not know each other, love not love. You are my half life, is my partner in this life.

Bulgari ring imitation new feast to enjoy high-level jewelry series

Le 10 juin 2018, 12:33 dans Lifestyle 0

In June 2017, imitation buy bvlgari ring online specially launched the gorgeous high-level jewelry series feast feast, more than 100 pieces of carefully crafted high-level jewelry and watches, praise the Italian art to show the sweet passion, enjoy the moment of life, played Happy celebrity celebration carols. Waterloo Venice is the Venetian Carnival and the Sailing Festival two global legendary grand event held, fake bvlgari ring men third event held in Venice, launched a new feast feast to enjoy the high-level jewelry series.




Italian celebration: gorgeous sunshine, charming weather, blue Mediterranean, Italy is an enchanting country! Italy sweet passion, happy and unrestrained, happy in the moment of life is even more fascinating. Whether it is in the aristocratic palace, the streets of the streets or Venetian waterways on both sides of the square, the streets of Italy everywhere full of warm and happy celebration atmosphere.


Whether in private or public scenes, celebrations are the essence of Italian way of life. The enthusiasm of the Italians for street celebrations is unparalleled. They taste good, passionate, free and easy, this is the unique attitude of the fake bvlgari ring white gold brand. Put these passion for life poured into the bulgari snake ring replica, wonderful expression “Larger than Life” live out the concept of gorgeous life.

Full of sunshine holiday season, will be mind each other around the wrist, in the beautiful time in circulation collection. Bulgari serpenti diamond ring price replica unique male temperament and urban style

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